Everyone has a book in them

Write, Publish and Market Your Book Like a Pro

Composio is an innovative solution designed to supercharge your writing career. This one-of-a-kind platform is created to assist you at every stage of the writing process, whether your book is already out there and needs some marketing help, or you've yet to write the first page.

Stats and Things

  1. US book industry is a 30+ billion dollar industry

  2. The US book industry saw an impressive 9% growth in 2017

  3. Self Publishing grew by 36% to around ~1 Million titles in 2017

  4. We have streamlined the writing and publishing process

  5. Authors can write and publish a book in as short as a month

Our Vision

Whether you have a story to tell, a biography to share or want to showcase your professional expertise, writing a book can be one of the most rewarding and pivotal moments of our lives.

We want to create, inspire and empower a million new authors.

We believe Composio is the Writing, Publishing and Marketing platform of the future...and the future is now.


Key Self-Publishing Insights

As the field of self-publishing matures, the quality of both content and format for many of these titles is becoming indistinguishable from those published by traditional houses,” said Mr. Barblan. “In recent years, the number of independent authors topping prominent bestseller lists is a clear indication that readers are embracing author-published titles.

Beat Barbian

Director of Identifier Services at Bowker




Jason Caston

Founder & CEO

Jason Caston is an international speaker, author, digital platform specialist and CEO of Composio. Caston has authored over 10 books and helped develop digital strategies for numerous N.Y. Times Best sellers. Jason is also the spokesperson of AT&T's national #InspiredMobility campaign



Cory Broussard ( Sr. Designer )

Cory Broussard

Sr. Designer

For more than 22 years, Cory Broussard has created award-winning designs, marketing campaigns and branding for multi-million dollar organizations. Mr. Broussard’s has designed book covers for N.Y. Times best selling authors, award winning websites as well as had his work featured in the White House.

Justen Jones ( Sr. Developer)

Justen Jones

Sr. Developer

Justen has over 20 years experience in web and software development. He is a full stack developer, has worked on numerous digital marketing campaigns for N.Y. Times Best Selling authors and has led teams in Fortune 500 companies.

Angela Flournoy ( UI/UX Specialist )

Angela Flournoy

UI/UX Specialist

Angela has over 20 years of Digital Marketing and UI/UX experience. She has has worked on numerous digital marketing campaigns for N.Y. Times Best Selling authors as well created great online user experiences for Fortune 500 companies.

Bryan Pierre ( Sr. Publishing Specialist )

Bryan Pierre

Sr. Publishing Specialist

Bryan has written award winning copy for multi-million dollar companies as well as ghost-written N.Y. Times Best Selling books. He has over 20 years of writing, publishing and marketing expertise.



What's new about what you're making? How is it different?

Composio offers a streamlined experience for writing, publishing and marketing your book all from a single platform. The normal self-publishing process is write using one platform like Google Docs or Microsoft Word, then publish using another platform like Amazon KDP or Bookbaby and then market your book using yet another platform like Buffer or Smith Publicity. This process has too many steps using too many platforms. We also have created a platform that learns how you write and what you are writing to help you write better, faster and smarter.

How big is the market?

Simply put: books are big business. The US book industry saw an impressive 9% growth over the last two years. Self-publishing grew by an explosive 36% over this two-year period. Making the book business a virtual $30 billion dollar industry today!

How will you make money?

Our business model consists of subscriptions and royalties. We offer different levels of subscriptions for our online services and we also earn royalties from numerous books published via the platform.

What's your biggest risk? What keeps you up at night?

Our revenue projections are based on (1) growing the client base; (2) attracting author groups as partners; and (3) becoming our competitors before they can become us. We know we can attract users but user retention will be one of our biggest challenges.

Who are your competitors? How are you different?

Competitors include Scrivener, Overlead, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Amazon KDP, Barnes and Noble Books, IngramSpark, Bookbaby, Lulu and many other companies that help writers publish and market their books.

Our difference comes in that we take the entire writing process and put it into a single platform. Our competitors all have their specialty area but they don’t focus on the entire writing, publishing and marketing process. And our use of machine learning will help our platform grow and learn how to better serve our authors.

How do you acquire customers?

  • Partner with Author Groups

  • Content Marketing (Blogs, Ebooks, Checklists)

  • Video Marketing (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

  • Audio Marketing (Podcasts, Alexa)

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Social Media Targeted Campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn)

  • Online Ads

  • SEO